Phd in Communication

 Phd in Communication is designed to keynote the power and borderlessness of “communication” in the 21st century. The program offers a solid ground for philosophies, theories, research and practice in the field of communications.

The program is;

  • led by critical thinking founded on intellectual integrity,
  • encompasses transcultural, transnational, transgender approaches among cultural, historical and paradigm differences,
  • encourages diversity in areas of specialization, among the students and members of the faculty,
  • grounded on an interdisciplinary structure over a broad range of academic disciplines,
  • framed by disciplinary methods of inquiry and a multi-methodological research approach.


The students will be competent in theoretical and conceptual knowledge, advanced research skills, academic skills, with in the mastery of “communication” studies as well as the different “converging subfields” of communicationas media, film, visual communication, culture and marketing & corporate communication.


The Ph.D. degree program in Communication is designed to take three years of study. Students will complete 21 credits of coursework including a mix of theory, methodology and seminar courses. Upon completion of coursework, students will take a qualifying exam, will defend a dissertation proposal and will defend a dissertation.


With the advice and approval of supervisors, each student will develop a plan of coursework to be taken in the program. Specific course requirements have been minimized to provide each student great flexibility to meet individual interests and goals.